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Why Choose GC Flight for Your Vegas Helicopter Tour?

When it comes to Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours, there is no better touring company in the southwest region than GC Flight. GC Flight was founded in 1998, as one of the original Las Vegas Grand Canyon internet tour companies. While GC Flight excels in activities such as motor coach tours, airplane tours, and other outdoor excursions, GC Flight offers a robust variety of helicopter tours.

The helicopter tours of GC Flight cover a variety of experiences in the southwest: flights that cover the neon beauty and the sights and spectacles of the Las Vegas Strip, excursions such as flying overhead Lake Mead and Hoover Dam tours to take in all of their natural beauties, and of course the Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, as well as flights to the Grand Canyon South Rim. In other words, if you are looking for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour experience, then you certainly have options here.

Whether it is the Las Vegas Strip, the Grand Canyon’s South Rim or the Skywalk of the Grand Canyon West Rim, GC Flight provides the best Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours around. GC Flight is easy to contact and the expert staff can answer all questions to ensure the best Las Vegas helicopter tour possible. Visit our site at https://www.gcflight.com, send us an e-mail at Reservations@gcflight.com or give us a call at (800) 871-1030 or (702) 629-7776 so you can book the best tour experience in Las Vegas.

Helicopter Tours Las Vegas Style

Perhaps you have taken a helicopter tour before but have you ever taken one of the many great helicopter tours Las Vegas style? Whether you want to see “Sin City” as never before or take advantage of a one of a kind view of the mountainous desert landscapes, the helicopter tours Las Vegas has to offer are as diverse as you choose them to be.

Las Vegas is an oasis in the middle of the desert that features both high technology and comfort as well as an unprecedented view of the region’s natural vistas and mountainscapes. Helicopter tours in Las Vegas are better than the Top 10 shows in Las Vegas as guests get to literally see the world. Where else can tourists see the skyscrapers of New York, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the canals of Venice or a medieval castle in one setting?

For those who choose a more natural path, guests will see the landscapes and valleys of Las Vegas like never before while soaring overhead in a helicopter, making for an unforgettable view that will make memories to last a lifetime.

Whether it is the Las Vegas Strip, the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, or the Skywalk of the Grand Canyon West Rim, GC Flight provides the best Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours around. GC Flight is easy to contact and the expert staff can answer all questions to ensure the best Las Vegas helicopter tour possible. Visit our site at https://www.gcflight.com, send us an e-mail at Reservations@gcflight.com or give us a call at (800) 871-1030 or (702) 629-7776 so you can book the best tour experience in Las Vegas.

Great Things to do at the Grand Canyon

As far as Las Vegas tours to the Grand Canyon go, there are few greater options to explore the majesty and wonder of the Grand Canyon itself. Each rim offers its own unique experiences. For example, the South Rim offers plenty of choices for the nature enthusiast, there are plenty of opportunities to hike, take scenic walks, go white water rafting, bike, or even go on a mule ride.

For those who want to experience more of the regional culture, there are several choices such as exploring the Visitor Center. Guests can also watch one of the educational orientation films, check out Pueblo Native American life at the Tusayan Museum and Ruins or ride from Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon National Park via the Grand Canyon Railway.

The Grand Canyon West Rim is home to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This bridge is an architectural marvel that gives guests am an unprecedented view of the Grand Canyon Rim via its transparent suspension bridge. Guests can also immerse themselves deep into the Hualapai Native American Reservation, gaining cultural insights from the people.

When it comes time to book one of the finest Las Vegas tours to the Grand Canyon, guests will find an incredible experience with one of GC Flight’s luxury airplane, helicopter, or motor coach tours. For that reason, give GC Flight a call at (800) 871-1030 or (702) 629-7776, e-mail GC Flight at reservations@gcflight.com or visit our main website to see the most exciting in luxury tour packages.

What to Bring on a Grand Canyon Luxury Tour

The idea of traveling by helicopter, airplane or even a motor coach can be a luxurious and visually rewarding experience, creating lasting memories. Yet, part of getting the most enjoyment out of the experience is knowing the proper equipment to bring. For that reason, we will discuss the right equipment to bring to make a guests’ travel experience the very best.

For starters, guests should bring a backpack or other personal storage bag to hold all of their belongings. This can consist of various sundries such as sunscreen, travel guides, light snacks, water, minor first aid and any personal items that a guest “can’t live without” while traveling.

Comfortable shoes is another necessity. Regardless of how little a person may end up walking on any given tour, it is important to bring footwear that is sturdy, reliable and more importantly, comfortable.

A camera is another good selection. Whether from a cell phone or the traditional style camera, one is going to want to capture the memories that they see while taking full advantage of their native surroundings.

Are you ready to schedule a first-class touring experience or group activity? Whether you plan on touring by a premiere helicopter, luxury motorcoach or airplane, give GC Flight a call at (800) 871-1030 or (702) 629-7776 or e-mail us at reservations@gcflight.com. We provide a half-day or full day tour to the Grand Canyon West Rim or South Rim or a flight over the Las Vegas Strip. GC Flight also provides the best Las Vegas helicopter tours around, in addition to our airplane tours and motorcoach tours.

5 Things to Expect From the Grand Canyon During Winter

Although The Grand Canyon is a stunning sight to see all year long, taking a trip during the winter may offer up the opportunity to see a variety of different scenes. Shorter days coupled with the possibility for snow usually means The Grand Canyon experiences a slower pace around the winter time.

grand canyon with snow

This is great for anyone who wants to experience this wonder without the congestion sometimes experienced is the warmer months. If you are planning on taking a trip during the winter, here are 5 things you can expect.

1. A different perspective

The presence of snow, even a light dusting can change what you are able to see. Temples and buttes rising from the floor of the canyon allow you to see more of the complex geography of the canyon. A coating of snow allows you the opportunity to see different features and landscapes than those who visit during the warmer months, especially from world famous Grand Canyon helicopter tours.

2. Animals

elk at grand canyon

Many animals slow down or burrow during the winter, however, there are plenty of opportunities to see animals. Mule deer, elk, bald eagles and tree squirrels are a common sight during the colder months. Less common but still seen occasionally are California condors and rock squirrels.

3. Significantly less people

This is great for anyone who likes to enjoy the solitude of nature. During the winter months, The Grand Canyon has about 5 times fewer visitors than during peak season. This allows you better access to roads, trails, parking and accommodation.

4. Possible discounts

The winter is the off season at The Grand Canyon, which may mean discounts. Many hotels offer discounted rates to try and fill rooms during the winter months. Visitors often find cheap accommodation at some of the most desirable hotels, including the famous El Tovar, is more readily available during these months.

5. Constantly changing weather

grand canyon weather changing

The Grand Canyon will experience several storms over the course of a winter. Some of the most amazing views are afforded to those who wait out these usually quick moving storms. In December of 2014, Grand Canyon visitors were treated to the rare sight of a temperature inversion.

If you are planning a trip to The Grand Canyon during the winter, don’t forget to come prepared. Layers of warm clothing, sturdy slip resistant shoes or boots and sunblock will ensure you are able to enjoy your trip.

For more information or for help on planning a memorable winter vacation, call GC Flight at (800) 871-1030 today.

3 Roadside Stops on your Trip to the Grand Canyon

Few things in life can match the experience that comes along with a road trip across America. No matter what your goal may be, there are always plenty of sites to see, things to do, and people to meet along the way. It is one of the situations where the journey is truly just as much a part of the experience as the destination. That’s why no road trip would be complete without a few road side pit stops. Next time you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon drive, don’t fly! And when you find yourself ready to get out of the car and stretch your legs, try stopping at one of these three unforgettable pit stops.

Sunset Crater Volcano

Located just outside of Flagstaff, Ariz., this young volcano has been drawing attention for decades. Once you set your eyes upon this marvel of the natural world, you’ll understand exactly why. The dramatic geological shifts caused by it’s eruption have forever altered the landscape into an extraordinary, almost surreal testament to the beauty and power of mother nature.

Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas

Wupatki National Monument

This historical site, constructed around 500 CE, was once home to numerous Native American tribes. This beautiful prehistoric pueblo is nestled in the heart of northern Arizona, in an area rich with Native American ruins. The vibrant red rocks contrasted against the expansive stretches of blue sky are sure to leave you breathless, and remain in your memory as one of the most stunning sites that you have ever had the pleasure to witness.

Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Sin City may be a place that you are tempted to stay for longer than just a short pit stop, but it’s actually a wonderful location to unwind after a long while behind the wheel. With world class restaurants, entertainment, and hotels and casinos, the city has everything you need to shake the stress away after spending so many hours on the road. Plus, many companies offer Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas! You can finish your trip in style by taking a helicopter tour, and getting a bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon’s gorgeous natural beauty.

Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas

For more information on Grand Canyon tours, contact GC Flights today at (800) 871-1030. We will help your plan a once in a life time tour that you are sure to be talking about for many years to come.

3 Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

helicopter over the grand canyon

New Year’s Eve is a day of celebration, for partiers and non-partiers alike. All across the globe, people flock to their favorite restaurants, nightclubs, and lookout spots to reflect on the current year and ring in the next with friends and family. Just because the nightlife capital of the world has a chance of snowfall this New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean the activities are on hold. The city will be roaring with excitement, as always. If you’re still on the lookout for plans, we’ve got a few ideas:

Fremont Street for TributePalooza

downtown Las Vegas
Photo by Alex Campos

If you’ve ever been down to Fremont Street or the downtown area, you know it’s a totally different animal than the Strip. A staple of Fremont Street “culture” is the rotation of great cover bands that serenade tourists in the evenings. At 4 p.m., Fremont Street will be closed off to the general public, and at 6 p.m., ticketed individuals will be allowed in the event area. Prepare yourself for a night of lights, music, and great memories. Head’s up: You must be at least 21 to attend.

Spend it on the Strip

There’s one word for New Year’s Eve on the Las Vegas Strip: eventful. Aside from the obvious top-notch headliners at every nightclub in a three-mile radius, you can enjoy a famous firework display from some of the largest hotels on the strip. Participants include the MGM Grand, Aria, Caesars Palace, Stratosphere Tower, and Treasure Island. The display is set to consist of upwards of 80,000 firework explosions. The top floor of parking garages are said to be wonderful viewing points. Early arrival to stake a claim is recommended.

Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon

Sunset over the Grand Canyon

If you’d rather not spend your New Year’s Eve amidst thousands of your closest friends, a helicopter getaway to a breath-taking destination is never a bad idea. Helicopter tours run in the morning and early afternoon, which gives you time to get back to home base and relax before running back out to see fireworks or have dinner.

None of these sound like your cup of tea? Las Vegas is home to countless restaurants and bars, most of which are hosting events. Search your favorites and see what they’ve got in store! If you are, however, interested in booking flights to the Grand Canyon, give Grand Canyon Flight a call today! Regardless of where you spend it, have a safe and happy New Year!

Grand Canyon Inversion Creates Spectacular Views

The Grand Canyon is already famous for its natural and picturesque beauty. Last week, however, a rare weather occurrence created spectacular views in the already stunning landmark. This amazing event took place in the morning hours last Thursday, Dec. 11 and was captured on video from a point in the canyon called Mather Point. The past week has been unusual for the Southwest, with winter rains bringing fog and other unexpected occurrences to the area.

 What Caused it?

Grand Canyon Fog

This rare, but not unprecedented weather occurrence is referred to by meteorologists as a temperature inversion. This takes place when damp, cool air becomes stuck under a layer of warm air. It is caused by air becoming warmer rather than cooler as it increases in altitude. The warmer air forced the clouds down into the depths of the canyon, creating an almost wave like effect inside the canyon. It seems as though the clear skies from the night before coupled with the ground losing heat at a rapid rate allowed the cold mass to settle in the depths of the ravine. This eventually led to the clouds becoming trapped inside for about 15 minutes, before clearing out.

time lapse Grand Canyon Fog

A rare treat for the eyes

Fog in Grand Canyon

This temperature inversion is said to happen very rarely. Rangers at the park said that it happens only once every several years. The visual treat is said to be something those park rangers wait for years to see. Although this event happens rarely, the canyon experienced one last year. The cloud inversion took place on Dec. 13 of last year, almost exactly a year to the day. It was reported that the clouds were about 4,000 feet from the base of the canyon.

Those lucky few tourists who had the chance to view this spectacular sight, will have a Grand Canyon story unlike any other. If you are interested in taking Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas, call GC Flight at (800) 871-1030 today.

What Does the Future Look Like for the Grand Canyon?

With the success of the Grand Canyon Skywalk which was completed in 2007, many businesses are looking to cash in on the financial potential of Arizona’s marvelous wonder of nature. Millions of people visit the Grand Canyon each year, which is why so many companies are clamoring over valuable land in hopes of fighting for the dollars of tourists and nature lovers. While many people are excited for the new possibilities that changes to the Grand Canyon will bring, others are not so keen on the idea of flooding Arizona’s magnificent natural beauty with stores and restaurants. Here is what the future of the Grand Canyon could look like in the coming years.


Big changes could be coming soon

Major projects, like the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade development, could mean massive changes coming to Grand Canyon in the near future. With plans for a series of restaurants, boutique hotels, shops and a trailer park, the Grand Canyon Escalade development is the most ambitious and latest attempt to market the Canyon to tourists.

Additionally, a number of designers from Italy are planning their own renovations to Northern Arizona’s top landmark. With the intention to provide three million square feet of new retail construction and 2,200 houses to the nearby village of Tusayan, visitors of the Grand Canyon will soon have many more options for shopping and dining than ever before.

Not everyone happy with changes

While some people can’t wait for the influx of restaurants, businesses and revenue that these new development projects could bring, others see them as unnecessary eyesores that detract from the natural beauty of the Canyon. With complaints from locals including the Grand Canyon Escalade development’s location on the floor of the Canyon to concerns about the water supply of Tusayan, some people have major issues with these alterations of sacred land. Whether these development projects actually take away precious views of the Canyon or cause a drought in the village of Tusayan remains to be seen, but tribes living in the area don’t want to take the risk.

Whatever changes that may be coming to the Grand Canyon, one thing is for sure. The Grand Canyon is an important and beautiful piece of land that must be seen in person to be believed. For more information on Grand Canyon helicopter tours, contact GC Flights today at (800) 871-1030. We look forward to helping you plan a vacation that you will never forget.

Understanding Monsoon Season for the Grand Canyon

If you are unfamiliar with the weather patterns in the Grand Canyon, you may not know that there is a monsoon season that can produce strong winds, thunder, severe lightning and torrential rains. This weather can sometimes even result in flash flooding and water accumulation in low-lying areas. Before you check out the available flights to the Grand Canyon, you should consider the weather during the time of year you are planning to take your vacation.

grand  canyon rain during monsoon season

Summertime showers

The Arizona and Grand Canyon monsoon season typically falls between mid-June and mid-September. This means that if you are planning a summer vacation to the Canyon, you may want to plan accordingly and prepare yourself for a possible storm. To be safe, make sure to bring a poncho and closed-toed shoes if you plan on checking out the Grand Canyon during the summertime.

Storms usually occur between the hours of 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., so take caution between these times of the day during the summer months. Try to get to the Grand Canyon early and be done with your hiking by 11 a.m. to avoid potential storms.

National park service warnings

The Grand Canyon Nation Park Service warns that the lightning that often accompanies summertime storms can be dangerous, so there are some precautions you should take to keep yourself safe. If you are walking or hiking in the park and you hear thunder, seek shelter as soon as you can to ensure your safety.

If there is thunder followed immediately by a flash of lightning, you should find shelter in a vehicle or a building immediately. If it isn’t possible to get to a vehicle or a building, make sure you stay far away from any high areas such as ridges or the canyon edge. Never seek shelter beneath tall trees and keep away from large metal poles.

How to plan accordingly

If you have the time to plan for more than one day at the Grand Canyon, try to do so in case of storms that could shorten your days exploring and hiking. Try and schedule your tour for the first day of your vacation, just in case it ends up being cancelled due to the weather.

If the storms prevent you from being outdoors, you can still plan to visit the museums and historic indoor locations at the South Rim. Whatever the case, there is plenty to see at the Grand Canyon, rain or shine.

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