Why Choose GC Flight for Your Vegas Helicopter Tour?

When it comes to Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours, there is no better touring company in the southwest region than GC Flight. GC Flight was founded in 1998, as one of the original Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour companies. While GC Flight excels in activities such as motor coach tours, airplane tours, and other outdoor excursions, GC Flight offers a robust variety of helicopter tours.

The helicopter tours of GC Flight cover a variety of experiences in the southwest: flights that cover the neon beauty and the sights and spectacles of the Las Vegas Strip, excursions such as flying overhead Lake Mead and Hoover Dam tours to take in all of their natural beauties, and of course the Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, as well as flights to the Grand Canyon South Rim. In other words, if you are looking for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour experience, then you certainly have options here.

Whether it is the Las Vegas Strip, the Grand Canyon’s South Rim or the Skywalk of the Grand Canyon West Rim, GC Flight provides the best Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours around. GC Flight is easy to contact and the expert staff can answer all questions to ensure the best Las Vegas helicopter tour possible.

Visit our site at https://www.gcflight.com, send us an e-mail at Reservations@gcflight.com or give us a call at (800) 871-1030 or (702) 629-7776 so you can book the best tour experience in Las Vegas.