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We had a great time! GC Flight picked us up on time and safely flew us out to Red Rock Canyon. Our pilot was knowledgeable and provided a fun experience. Highly recommended. All pun intended!!
William Carr Avatar
William Carr
This was honestly one of the best times of my life. Totally cool, completely different and unique experience. So glad we did this.
Michael Comeford Avatar
Michael Comeford
EVERYONE was friendly and courteous. I booked our GC helicopter floor landing tour online early one morning (eastern time) and within minutes, someone from their facility called me ( it was like 5am her time) to confirm the trip. I was impressed. They send emails with instructions on when and where to be picked up. Their website is very informative. … read more
Amy Menendez Avatar
Amy Menendez
This was a great experience, I recommend this. The pilot was excellent!
Michelle Davis Avatar
Michelle Davis
Worth every penny
Rich Foreman Avatar
Rich Foreman
The trip was a bucket list for me, but my wife just came along because she wanted to let me have my experience. However, she now raves about how the experience changed her life!!! When we landed in the Valley of Fire and could see millions-of-years-old ocean fossils under our feet, it was an amazing experience of this human adventure on this amazing planet!… read more
Dune Johnson Avatar
Dune Johnson
6 hour tour of the Hoover Dam, Helicopter tour, Monster Truck ride, The Wildlife, Deserts, Forests, the Grand Canyon, and mountains.
Hyun Kim (HK) Avatar
Hyun Kim (HK)
Amazing The pilot was very professional. Simply the best thing we did in Vegas.
Abram Carmona Avatar
Abram Carmona