6 Things You Can Only Do In Vegas

If you’ve been to any big city in the U.S you know what to expect – lots of shopping, fine dining, swanky lounges and nightclubs. Then there’s Las Vegas. Yes, it still offers all the things any metropolis would, but it also has “Sin City” for a nickname – think about it! Here are six things to do in Vegas that you most likely won’t be able to accomplish anywhere else!

  1. Shoot a machine gun – Sure, you might find a shooting range just about anywhere, but it won’t compare to the Las Vegas machine gun experience. Discount Firearms & Ammo is Las Vegas’ premiere machine gun venue with a deal for locals that can’t be passed up. The Locals 2-For-1 deal gives the fine people of Las Vegas a VIP pass to the ultimate shooting experience. Their three-gun package includes a full auto M4 machine gun, a semi auto TEC 12 shotgun, a selection of 11 handguns to choose from, along with all of the ammunition, target and protection needed to fulfill your machine gun desires.
  2. Drink on the street all day and night– Nothing feels worse during a fun night of drinking than the infamous “last call,” announcement. In the true city that never sleeps, the Strip and downtown Las Vegas are two areas where there’s no “last call” and alcohol indulgence is a 24 hour activity. Even if you’re going from one side of the Strip to the other, the drinking doesn’t have to quit. Las Vegas also allows alcohol consumption in taxis and limos.
  3. Fly to the Grand Canyon in a helicopter – That’s right. There aren’t many places where you can wake up, hop in a helicopter and within an hour be standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon. But that’s just what you’ll get when you take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. You’ll even make it back in time to visit your favorite night club or lounge. Talk about the perfect day!
  4. Play slot machines at the airport – Slot machines aren’t just for casinos anymore. Up until the moment you embark on your flight back home, you can take Las Vegas right along with you. Airport slot machines take away the dreadful experience of saying goodbye to Las Vegas and let you continue the fun until the last boarding call.
  5. Get married at 3 a.m. – Make “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” a true part of your life at a 24-hour wedding chapel. The famous Little White Wedding Chapel will let you get married or renew your vows any hour of the day. And for those seeking even more convenience, they offer drive-through services.
  6. Go bowling at 4 a.m. on a Sunday night  – Las Vegas knows how to stick to the theme of never ending fun. The many 24/7 bowling alleys give “nightclub” a whole new meaning. Many bowling alleys even serve alcohol 24 hours a day, so you can celebrate your strike with a victory shot.

Treat yourself to a rare experience in Las Vegas and we’re not talking spending hours at the black jack table. With these six Las Vegas activities, you will be sure to make the most out of your time. You can book your affordable Grand Canyon tour right here!


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