5 Surprising Day Trip Destinations You Didn’t know were Close to Las Vegas

We know the deal: you’ve been to Vegas plenty of times in the past and you’re back again wondering what there is to do, aside from the typical sightseeing on the Strip and wandering around Fremont Street. Contrary to popular belief, there are a ton of things to do that are both close to Vegas, and extremely fun. Here are a few of our favorites:


Zion National Park, situated a short two hours and 17 minutes from the heart of Las Vegas in Springdale, Utah, is perfect for a day trip. Having been designated as a national park in 1919, Zion is Utah’s oldest national park and is also Utah’s most frequently visited national park with an impressive 3 million visitors annually. This beautiful park offers a number of ways to enjoy the canyon and hiking trails, including biking and even horseback riding!


Many people are hesitant to include a Grand Canyon day trip in their Las Vegas plans because traveling to another state seems like a totally separate vacation, which requires additional planning. False! Las Vegas is a quick five hour jaunt from this world wonder and tour companies will handle all the planning for you (we know a guy…). Imagine visiting the massive, 1,904 square mile canyon by way of helicopter tour at sunset. An absolutely unmatched experience that your friends and family will be forever envious of.


Do you believe in aliens? If not, a tour of Area 51 on the Extraterrestrial Highway may persuade you. The tour begins with a ride through the desert and includes a stop near a dry lakebed, which is the apparent location of many UFO sighting, and even a stop at the film site of the popular movie Independence Day. Though much of the country denied the existence of Area 51 for many years, this tour solidifies that it does in fact exist. Americans, including President Obama, are now formally recognizing its existence.


Hoover Dam is just under an hour away from Las Vegas, making it a strong contender for a day away from the bright lights of the Vegas Strip. Hoover Dam, which stands at 726 feet tall, is extremely popular! An estimated 20,000 vehicles per day drive over it – do you feel left out yet?


As an added bonus to visiting Hoover Dam, the quaint little town of Boulder City is a quick 15 minute trip from the dam. Flaunting cute vintage shops and its very own brewery, Boulder Dam Brewing Co., it’s the perfect little town to decompress before heading back to the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.
On your next visit to Vegas, get out of Vegas! These are just a few of the cool ways to spend your time if you’re in the area and not interested in the typical Vegas attractions. That helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon sounds pretty great, huh? Call now to schedule yours! 800-871-1030
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