Wild Touring Options Available at the Grand Canyon

At over 17 million years old, the Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and it’s easy to see why. For as long as the area has been inhabited, people have been awed by the magnitude and beauty of the Grand Canyon.  The Canyon boasts about 5 million visitors per year from all over the globe, and for many Native American tribes, the area is considered to be a holy ground.  Spiritual or not, the Grand Canyon is a must see display of nature that can be enjoyed by first time and seasoned visitors alike, and no two experiences are ever the same.
With it’s massive size and staggering depth, the Grand Canyon can at first seem like an intimidating figure.  Yet, it is this sense of being dwarfed by nature that adds to the experience and appeal of the Canyon itself.  Standing beneath almost 2 billion years worth of geological history tends to have a bit of a humbling effect to say the least.  While this is indeed a truly unique experience in itself, one cannot fully take in the magnitude of the Grand Canyon without seeing it from above. This is precisely why Grand Canyon flights are one of the most popular choices when touring this natural attraction.
What better way to fully take in the whole expansion of the Canyon than to get a bird’s eye view of it? Flights to Grand Canyon have become increasingly popular as they have become more affordable, accessible and reliable in recent times. Tourists today can choose from both helicopter and airplane tours for two completely unique experiences. In addition, many flight tours offer options for landings at private ranches, for unique ground level sight seeing.
For those hoping to capture their trip into something tangible, Grand Canyon flights offer a one of a kind opportunity for photography enthusiasts.  Both professional and amateur photographers alike can capture a bird’s eye view of the Canyon for fond memories and bragging rights.

Whatever the method, visiting the Grand Canyon is a pilgrimage worth including on any bucket list, and each tour experience is as unique as the next.