Who offers the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas?

Ask just about anyone who does, sells, serves or provides, well, just about anything in Las Vegas who’s the best at what they do, and ninety-nine out of ninety times, they’ll look you right in the eye and say “I/We do, of course!” Sometimes, they might even be right. Companies providing Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas are no exception. No one wants to be second best or the runner-up. But the fact of the matter is, when it comes to a great tour experience, there really only is one “best” in Las Vegas, and that’s GC Flight.
GC Flight has over 13 years of experience with tours to the Grand Canyon, and know every highway and byway. They also have the best-maintained and most up-to-date transportation options, and offer more of them than any other tour provider in the valley. You can thrill to the unique and exciting views offered from a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft, make a day of your trip to the Grand Canyon aboard a luxurious and roomy chartered motor coach, and get an unparalleled inside look at the canyon on horseback or an ATV. And just because you reach the bottom doesn’t mean the day has to be over: you can shoot the wild rapids of the Colorado River in a white-water raft or enjoy a more leisurely voyage on a pontoon boat.
GC Flight has a safety and customer satisfaction record that’s second to none. They keep their equipment well-maintained for optimum performance and only certified and experienced operators touch the controls. The tour guides are friendly, knowledgeable about the area and the “can’t miss” sights from every angle. From the air to the canyon rim to the Colorado River below, they can tell you all the fascinating history, both human and geographical, of the area. Many of the tour guides are also multi-lingual, so if your family from the Old Country comes to visit, they don’t have to miss out on this fun and educational experience.
If you’re not excited yet, it gets better! GC Flight can help you customize the perfect tour package for the entire group. Tours to Grand Canyon National Park have never been more exciting or exhilarating, and GC Flight takes care of everything! Their premier standard tour package, the Rim To River Excursion, incorporates all the best ways to see the canyon. You arrive on a motor coach from Las Vegas to find a helicopter waiting for you at the canyon’s West Rim. The helicopter takes you down to the canyon floor, where you can then board a pontoon boat and paddle up the river. Then you go back to the landing and take the helicopter back to the top, where you’ll find a scrumptious barbecue luncheon waiting for you!
So when you’re wondering who offers the best Grand Canyon tours, there’s really no contest. GC Flight offers all the great features and amenities you want at a very affordable price. Call or click today and see how GC Flight can make your trip to the Grand Canyon the adventure of a lifetime!