White-Water Rafting In The Grand Canyon

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys pitting yourself against the wildest forces of nature that North America has to offer, this rugged and exciting Grand Canyon tours package is for you. The Colorado River has some of the most exciting and biggest rapids to be found on this continent, with class-four and -five rapids just waiting for you to tame them! This is a great way to experience the wildest of the wild: The Colorado River.
And the best way to see it is with GC Flight’s three-day, two-night Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Experience! You and your party will be picked up at your hotel in an air-conditioned shuttle and taken to the helicopter for a leisurely and scenic flight to the Bar-10 Ranch on the Canyon’s North Rim. You can relax, unwind, and prepare yourself for the next day, when the real excitement starts!

You’ll be taken by helicopter down to the bottom of the Canyon, where you’ll board your raft and spend the next day and a half exploring and testing yourself against the craziest rapids in North America. This is an exciting and fun way to get away from it all with your friends, family, or coworkers, and it makes a great team-building exercise, too. There’s no better way to really experience the Grand Canyon than from the inside, and this tour package is the perfect combination of value, relaxation, and pure adrenaline.
On the afternoon of the third day, you’ll board a luxury motor coach and ride back to Las Vegas via Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, where you can enjoy the scenery in air-conditioned comfort and relax knowing that you’ve done something very few people ever will.
This tour’s a great way to make a lasting memory and build confidence and teamwork, which makes it ideal for corporate retreats, friends who want to do something wild without going to jail, or families who enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors. For the best Grand Canyon tours and experiences, GC Flight is the way to get there. The White Water Rafting Experience is only one of the fun and exciting tours available, so if you’re not an adrenaline fiend, don’t worry about it! There’s sure to be a customizable Grand Canyon tour package that suits your budget and your tastes. For more information about the White Water Rafting Experience or any of the other great tours GC Flight has available, contact GC Flight today!