What’s the Best Way to Tour the Grand Canyon?

If you are looking to visit the Grand Canyon, one of the first things you’ll realize is that the place is huge. This incredible landmark and attraction is not only a must-see, but it’s also nearly impossible to see it all. If you are interested in checking out the best of the Grand Canyon, it’s important to know the best way to tour one of the wonders of the world.
You can hike, drive, raft and fly though the Grand Canyon, but what is going to be the best experience? Here are the different tours available at the Grand Canyon and which ones will offer the best touring experience.
Skywalk Tour
One of the newest additions to the Grand Canyon is the Skywalk Tour. It’s on the West Rim and allows you to walk 4,000 feet above the Canyon floor. This option is a cool way to feel like you are walking on air, taking in the breathtaking views and providing a thrill for adrenaline junkies and families alike.
Driving Tour
If you’re interested in driving through the Canyon, start at the South Rim. You’ll arrive by entering from US 180 from Flagstaff or AZ 64 from Williams. This area is also going to offer local attractions and restaurants. From here, you can see Mather Point and Yavapai Point, which are excellent lookout points by car.
You can also head to the North Rim, which takes about five hours. It will also be cooler at this location because of the higher elevation.
Hiking Tours
Try a hiking tour starting at the North and South Rims and hike to the Inner Canyon. You can stay overnight if you pick up a permit from the Backcountry office, located in the South Rim.
Aerial Tour
The best way to tour the Grand Canyon is by flying over the huge gorge. You can go by helicopter or airplane, and you’ll experience the most amazing views of the Canyon. You will also get to see more in a shorter amount of time than those who are driving or walking. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the Canyon, creating a memory you’ll remember for a lifetime.
Rafting Tours
A more dangerous option is to try one of the Colorado River rafting tours. You may hit calm waters, but many experience raging white waters that create quite the thrill. It’s an adventure to say the least, and is intended for experienced people only. This wouldn’t be a great way to show the kids, pregnant women or elderly parents the Grand Canyon, but adventurous people will love it.
These are the most common and best ways to see the Grand Canyon. If you want the best view of the canyon, take a helicopter or airplane tour.For more information on the cheapest Grand Canyon helicopter tour, contact GC Flights today at (800) 871-1030.