What to Pack When Visiting the Grand Canyon

Packing isn’t always easy, and knowing what to pack for a particular trip is even more of a challenge. So for your next trip to the Grand Canyon, we’ve made it easy for you with this handy reminder list of things to bring:
packing bags for grand canyon


This is a no-brainer. Unless your phone is spectacular, you should bring a powerful and sturdy camera. The photos you’re going to take should last a lifetime and more.


You don’t want to visit the GC in sneakers. Make sure your boots are comfortable and not the kind you’d mind getting dirty. This is nature, not a fashion show.

Jacket or Hoodie

It can get chilly by the Canyon, so pack accordingly. Don’t be left in the cold, properly prepare for windy weather.


Want to hold all your belongings? Bring a backpack to store everything in. Problem solved.


Don’t assume there will be water fountains everywhere, make sure to keep yourself hydrated properly.


They call it trail mix for a reason. All that walking will make you hungry, pack snacks and your stomach will thank you.

Looking for a flight to the Grand Canyon? Check out GC Flight. And leave us a comment: what do you bring when you head into the great outdoors?

Main photo by Chris Feser