What kinds of helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon are there?

When it comes to a perfect tour of the Grand Canyon, everyone has a little different idea of what it takes to make a really great tour. Some want to experience the Old West; others want to enjoy the area as it is today; and still others want to see everything they can, from the air to the ground to the Colorado River below. But is there a way to see it all and still get the special thrill of riding in a helicopter?
With GC Flight, you can! They offer a great array of Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tour packages to suit every taste and budget, from a simple aerial tour to an all-day adventure complete with catering and exciting things to do and see. From the sky overhead to the Canyon rim to skimming along above the Canyon floor and the Colorado River, they have a package sure to please and thrill you and your party.
One of their most popular packages is the Grand Canyon Helicopter and Grand Canyon Ranch Resort Adventure. With this package, you can fly over fifteen hundred feet below the Canyon Rim and get a unique view of the geological strata and beautiful colors which are a Grand Canyon Hallmark. Then you’ll alight at the Historic Grand Canyon Ranch and take a horse-drawn wagon to the ranch itself, where you can have a real Western-style meal and, in season, even see a recreation of the legendary Gunfight at the O.K. Corral!
A helicopter flight to Grand Canyon is one of the most thrilling and exciting ways to experience the Grand Canyon, and GC Flight specializes in this kind of tour. Who wants the same pictures Fred and Debbie took on their vacation, only with you in the frame instead of them? Why not do something unique and more enjoyable while creating a memory that will last a lifetime?
There are plenty of ways to appreciate the Grand Canyon from the air, and GC Flight has the experience to make your Grand Canyon tour an adventure without compromising safety. When you’re considering Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours, contact GC Flight to arrange the best and most exciting vacation adventure you and your family have ever had. Anyone can drive to the Grand Canyon and snap a few pictures, but for a truly unique vacation memory, let GC Flight help you create yours.