Visiting The Grand Canyon National Park

If you’ve ever seen pictures of the Grand Canyon and wished you could go there yourself, there’s good news! From Las Vegas, it’s only a quick trip to one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World by air, and about three hours by road. You’ve probably heard about all the fascinating things to do and see, but there are some things that relatively few people know about.
Grand Canyon helicopter tours are a great way to really appreciate the sheer scale and size of the Canyon, but you can only see so much from a bird’s-eye view. What about the Native American petroglyphs carved into the walls of the canyon, or actually getting to see just how big the pueblos built into the canyon walls really are? There’s always a chance you might stumble across some artifacts, ranging from arrowheads to pottery shards, but you can’t pick them up. All artifacts are protected by national law, and stiff fines and federal prison time are some of the penalties you might pay for handling artifacts without authorization.
But there’s even more to see! The Skywalk, an architectural and engineering marvel that literally puts the entire Canyon right at your feet, is only the most recent scenic point to be added to the Canyon. This glass, steel, and concrete promenade, shaped like a giant U, has become one of the most popular places at the Canyon to visit.
Did you ever dream of being a cowboy? How about visiting the historic Bar 10 Ranch, where real cowboys and outlaws have hung their hats? It’s still a working ranch today, and offers some of the best barbecue west of Amarillo! While you’re there, why not see about taking a horseback ride and getting to see the country the way the first explorers to this area did? You can live out your Wild West fantasy within an easy trip back to your hotel!
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