Unique Tours in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Las Vegas besides spending all your hard-earned money in the casinos, you might consider taking a fun and exciting tour. There are many different types of unique tours available providing you with lasting memories of your time spent there.

Grand Canyon Tours

Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas are one of the most popular choices out of all the tours. Everyone who’s never been to the area wants to witness the sights of the Grand Canyon with their own eyes. You can tour the Grand Canyon via boat, bus, foot, airplane or helicopter. All of these options will allow you to see the beautiful scenery in a different way. You’ll get to experience the sounds of nature and get an informative history lesson about the Grand Canyon from your guide.

Mystery Adventures

If you enjoy watching crime dramas such as CSI, then you’ll love Mystery Adventures. You’ll get to see just how good you are at solving crimes through this interactive tour. At the start of the tour, you will receive a mysterious letter along with some details about the crime. Based on these clues, you and your companions will have to use your crime-solving skills uncover the truth.

Haunted Vegas Tours

If you’ve been dying to investigate the paranormal history of Las Vegas, here’s your chance. The tour guides will take you on a two-hour bus ride around the city to various haunted locations, and tell you all about their histories. You may even have your own paranormal experience while on the tour!

Escape Adventures

You’ll get to know the rugged outdoors and take in some unbelievable scenery with Escape Adventures. You can go on a mountain biking tour through areas such as Death Valley, the White Rim, and Canyonlands. You can also partake in a variety of other activities offered through Escape Adventures, such as kayaking, rafting, and hiking.
These are just a few of the very unique tours from Las Vegas. Whether you want to take a Grand Canyon tour or you want to enjoy a mystery adventure, there are plenty of options to suit your preferences.