Travel Hotspots: Splurges vs. Steals

Tuscany, Tahiti, and Thailand all share more than a common first letter: they are dream travel destinations for those with deep pockets.  But did you know there are equally attractive and enticing destinations but at a much more budget friendly price?  Take a look at our list of splurge vs. steals locations to give yourself some sensible travel ideas.

1. Tuscany vs. Portugal

The Splurge:  Tuscany.  It is one of Italy’s most romantic destination that offers lush hillsides, five star restaurants, and romantic vineyards but all with a hefty price tag.
The Steal: Portugal.  As another wine-loving country, Portugal will offer similar weather, delicious eats, and a lot less tourists, all at a price that will keep you smiling.

2. Tahiti vs. Hawaii

The Splurge: Tahiti.  Boasting tall palm trees, picturesque beaches, and crystal clear waters, Tahiti has long been a dream destination for people around the world.  The downside? The air fare is enough to put most people in debt for a few years.
The Steal: Hawaii.  You may think Hawaii is expensive, but the price is high only if you live there.  When compared to Tahiti, Hawaii has much of the same characteristics including aqua waters, white sand beaches, and extraordinary shopping, but for much less money.

3. Thailand vs. Vietnam

The Splurge: Thailand.  Known as an exotic destination with busy bazaars and close by island beaches, Thailand is a popular destination for the young and adventurous.  Unfortunately, the construction of large resorts have driven the prices up tremendously.
The Steal: Vietnam. Although the airfare for both locations cancel each other out, prices for lodging and food in Vietnam will make this destination an attractive comparable option.

4. French Riviera vs. Greek Isles

The Splurge: French Riviera.  The Cote d’Azur has long been a favorite destination for the rich and famous.  But vacationing like Europe’s elite will mean paying the same high prices they do.
The Steal: The Greek Isles. Though they may not be as trendy as the French cities Nice and St. Tropez, the islands of Santorini and Mykonos are a parallel alternative at a much nicer price.
The lesson here is simple: it pays to do your research in more ways than one.  So whether you are going on one of the Las Vegas helicopter tours or simply taking a drive down the Strip, you’ll soon learn that there are always cheaper alternatives to your dream destinations and activities.