Thrilling Places to Bungee Jump

Adrenaline is appealing to a certain personality type.  For some people just a little taste is not enough.  They want to satisfy their craving always.  From bungee jumping to sky diving, shooting guns, extreme rides and climbing these people risk their lives for a few tastes of a pure energy rush. Have you recently been bungee jumping or are thinking of trying the task?  Sure it can be risky, but that is part of the fun.  Don’t just jump anywhere, pick a prime location to do it. You can bungee jump at the Grand Canyon.  Hop on one of the many Grand Canyon tours and find the ideal place to bungee jump once you are there.

If you are going international then why not make the most of it?  Instead of spending your money at the bar and on drinks that will not amount to anything, consider splitting your budget for a more exciting moment.  Your friends are sure to like this one on Facebook! Go bungee jumping in Normandy, France. Above the water in New Zealand. Or perhaps in the Netherlands off of the breathtaking Pier Scheveningen. If you have just say happen to have say a $10,000 adventure budget you can go on one of the most thrilling jumps of your life straight into the Andean Volcano located in Pucon, Chile! If you are going to take a big risk like go bungee jumping then do it right.  Have the time of your life in an exotic location. Oh, and make sure you bring a witness!

Do you have any wild bungee jumping adventures you would like to share?