The 4 Coolest Places to Go Ice Climbing

Looking for a slippery thrill? Climbers around the globe are gravitating away from rocks and the desert to ice and subzero temperatures for a different challenge during these winter months. Unlike standard climbing, where you can normally find some sort of footing, ice climbing adds the additional need for special equipment paired with extreme determination. Where are the ideal places to fulfill this daring hobby?

1. Minnesota

In the United States, Minnesota is a popular place to get your ice climbing on. People travel here for the Sandstone Ice Park and Festival each year! The park offers experiences for both intermediate and advanced climbers. It is a great place to meet local ice climbing enthusiasts.

2. Norway

Norway offers the ice climbing experience for experts. Many of the ice climbing walls match extreme heights with dangerous rocks, a pairing that may make some people uncomfortably claustrophobic. Climbers need to watch out for falling icicles, rocks and slipping! It looks gorgeous, but still may not be for everyone!

3. Quebec City, Canada

Canada, along with the North Face brand, hosts the largest ice climbing festival in the world known as the Festiglace du Quebec. This 3-day event takes place in Quebec City. It is open to climbers of all skill sets, and takes place annually in the month of February.

4. Alaska

How about tackling a glacier? Well, in Alaska you can do just that. This is a once in a lifetime, stunning experience you are sure to never forget. Tours are available where you can meet crazy people looking to conquer the same area! Why not give it a try? You can also take on similar glaciers in New Zealand as well!
Ice climbing may not be a sport for everyone, but it certainly may be worth your time. It is a way to venture outside of your comfort zone during the winter months. Not only will it provide you with a full body workout, you will get the opportunity to meet great people and travel new heights. Instead of staying inside during the cold months, plan an unforgettable, daring adventure with your best friend or spouse and make every moment truly worth it! While you’re on an adventure spree, why not not take one of the great Grand Canyon helicopter flights that GC Flights has to offer?