How To Sleep Well When Visiting The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a wonderful place to set up camp, allowing you and the family to take in the great outdoors while enjoying one of the most well-known natural landmarks in the world. When determining the specifics of your camping trip, make sure to pack the necessary equipment with you on your next flight to the Grand Canyon. While some people struggle to sleep if not resting on a very comfortable surface in a cool setting, the Grand Canyon can be a surprisingly comfortable place to camp out if you are prepared. Here is what you need to know to ensure better sleep when camping in the Grand Canyon.

Making it feel like your bed at home

Many people like to sleep with a fan blowing in their bedrooms. It offers a cool breeze and a bit of white noise to keep you dreaming away. One of the many great things about the Grand Canyon is that there is constantly the noise of water flowing, as well as a slight breeze like your fan at home. Get the best of both worlds with a steady breeze, along with beautiful orbiting stars above you.

Potential Issues

You may run into rain, extreme temperatures, wind-blown sand or even an overly bright moon during your trip to the Grand Canyon. You can’t always avoid these types of conditions, but there many precautions you can take to ensure a good night’s sleep.
The first thing you might want to do is to put your tent away. Many people think it’s great for keeping out the elements and maintaining privacy, but it’s actually trapping heat and taking your sky view. Make sure to drink plenty of water, since the Arizona air is very dry and will make you extra thirsty. Don’t forget to go to the bathroom before going to bed and to keep a water bottle near you through the night.
You’ll also want to keep cool by soaking a towel or article of clothing in the river. When you ring it out, you can drape it over your body while sleeping. The moist cloth will keep your body temperature down and sleeping by the river will help to stay cool as well. If you happen to be at the Grand Canyon during monsoon season, you may experience downpours. Prepare for the worst by bringing plenty of ponchos, extra tarps, rain covers and umbrellas for you and your family.
Finally, beware of sandy conditions. Strong winds can be a major nuisance that can blow fine sand around in the air. Try to find a campsite that is downwind of rock and trees to block some of the sand and consider wearing a sleeping mask.
With these helpful tips, you can sleep soundly and properly prepare yourself for a day full of hiking the Grand Canyon.