Which Las Vegas Water Attractions are the Best?

In the Las Vegas desert, it’s really important to cool off from the hot sun. In the summer, it can get into the triple digits. Although you might be enjoying the casinos and the shows, you may want to head to one of these water attractions during the day to stay refreshed and hydrated.
The Bellagio Fountains
The lake where the Bellagio Fountains sit is a 375,000 square foot body of water with an incredible fountain display every day. On a windy day you’ll feel some of the splash of the fountains while they shoot 24 stories into the air. It’s a beautiful water display with music and the fountain is choreographed to the music.
Wet ‘N’ Wild
This major water park in Las Vegas is a top attraction. Wet ‘N’ Wild is about 20 minutes away from the Strip in the Southwest Vegas valley. Locals and tourists love the park for cooling off and for the waterslide thrills. They have a 400,000 gallon wave pool and a 1,000 foot winding Lazy River, which are just two of the favorite attractions.
Hotel Pool
Most of the hotels in Las Vegas have a pool. There are also pool clubs and suites in certain hotels. Many of the pools have waterslides. A very popular Las Vegas hotel pool is the Mandalay Bay Beach pool. Along with this choice, many enjoy the hotel pools offering waterside blackjack.
Water Activities
Check out The Desert Princess, a three-story paddle-wheel boat at Lake Mead that serves dinner while you enjoy sightseeing. You can try the gondola ride as if you were in Italy at The Venetian, as well.
Cirque du Soleil
Another top attraction is Cirque du Soleil’s “Le Rêve – The Dream” and “O,” which are their shows using water acrobatics inside a huge pool. You can even watch the show underwater for scuba certified guests.
A Piece of History
There is a trail called the Black Canyon Water Trail along the Colorado River. This trail offers travelers a chance to see active hot springs, sandy beaches and colorful caves. It’s a 30-mile National Water Trail where you can see owls, ducks, chuckwalla and bighorn sheep. It ends at the Eldorado Canyon on Lake Mohave, a historical place. For rafters, canoers and kayakers, this is a great way to spend time outdoors in the water.
For a chance to cool off in the hot Las Vegas sun, check out one of these exciting water options in and around the Strip. Need to get outside of Sin City. Check out our helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.