Incredible Hoover Dam Bus Tours!

Hoover Dam is located on the border of Arizona and California along the Colorado River. The Dam which is located 30 miles southeast of Vegas is the second highest dam in the country. The dam is over 700 ft tall and was made with another concrete to pave a sidewalk from San Francisco to New York. The Dam was originally built and named for the person who came up with the idea to build the dam, President Herbert Hoover. Herbert Hoover saw that the Colorado River could be very useful to the Western states and therefore suggested the idea to the state governors. He did all of this before he was president, he was serving as Secretary of Commerce under Warren Harding. Now the dam provides over 4 billion kilowatt-hour of hydroelectric power to Nevada, California and Arizona. This tremendous dam not only has important history behind it, it is also a great site to visit. Not only is Hoover Dam an interesting place to visit, but there is also the lake it created, Lake Mead. The lake provides many activities to those who live in the area; there is boating, sailing, fishing and other water activities as well as the different features that the dam itself has to partake in. The dam and lake cover a very big area and it is hard to know on your own where to start. offers Hoover Dam bus tours that will take you through the dam and show you it’s many features. They depart every day at 9 and noon and will let you see through a tour all that Hoover Dam has to offer. So visit one of the largest providers of hydroelectric energy in the world. Visit the Hoover Dam and see for yourself its wonder.  Tours to Hoover dam are affordable and a lot of fun!