How the Grand Canyon was Formed

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It has been formed over years by nature’s pure force. Over the years the roaring force of the Colorado River has cut through numerous layers of the earth’s surface to form the Grand Canyon, or as Norman MacLean calls it “the basement of time”. Many geologists believe that the bedrock at the rivers edge is over a billion years old. They believe that over the past billion years the river has been cutting through the canyon leaving many fossils and history behind. Many geologists believe that the canyon first started as a small mountain range. They believe this initial mountain range was eroded into a flat plain that covered what is now the Grand Canyon. Within the past billion years they believe that this plain was raised into a second mountain range with the force of rain, wind and frost and once again disintegrated. This is when the Colorado River started doing its work. The Colorado River started on the surface and the upper layers of the rocks, and as time went by dug through nearly a mile of rock surface. The river continues to run through the canyon. At some points in the canyon the river roars with rapids categorized as 10s on the scale. This is the most powerful a rapid can be scored. It is no wonder these waves have been eating away at the billion year old rock. This billion years of erosion has produced one of the greatest sights to ever be seen. When people first started exploring the Grand Canyon they thought it was a great barrier that could not be crossed. After further exploration we now have ways of crossing the canyon and know its length and structure. The Canyon now serves as a major tourist attraction. Everyone who lives in the United States is encouraged to view the wonder at least once in their life. There are many different ways to enjoy the Grand Canyon. GC Flight offers Grand Canyon helicopter tours that give you an experience unlike any other. Go view the history for yourself.