Hoover Dam Tours From Las Vegas

Hoover Dam, located southeast of Las Vegas, NV between Nevada and Arizona, is a historical site, which attracts thousands of visitors and sightseers.  Built during the Great Depression, Hoover Dam was constructed as a way to irrigate the Colorado River, and its construction employed thousands of workers.  Hoover Dam is located near Boulder City, NV and a railway was built from Boulder City to Las Vegas during the dam’s construction.
And, there is a lot more history behind Hoover Dam.  Starting in 1937, Hoover Dam began opening for tourism, and since then, millions have visited the site.  Many make a stop at Hoover Dam along their journey to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  It’s a site for history buffs, avid sightseers, and anyone looking to experience and learn something new.
GC Flight is a Las Vegas-based company who offers Hoover Dam tours for a low and reasonable price.  Included in the Las Vegas/Hoover Dam package is a guided bus tour of the location.  Approximately 23 percent of Nevada’s energy is generated from Hoover Dam, and those who sign up to take our Hoover Dam tours also have access to the generator plant, observation decks, and discovery tours.  At GC Flight, our prices are only $55 per person for the Hoover Dam package, a rate you cannot resist.  In addition, we offer cheap Grand Canyon tours by bus, helicopter, or airplane.  We know that these two locations are famous locations in our country’s history, and we want you to have the ability to experience them.  For more information on our rates, packages, and services, visit our website at gcflight.com.