Hoover Dam Bus Tours, or Helicopter Flights | Which To Take?

The Grand Canyon is a great place to visit. Whether you’re a lover of the outdoors or just love scenery, a trip to Grand Canyon is something everyone should experience at least one time. One the thing you might be thinking about is how to get the there. You can always take a road trip which normally takes approximately 3-5 hours, but sometimes, a road trip can be a bit of a hassle. Even though a road trip can provide for a great scenic adventure, why not take a luxurious, roomy, air conditioned tour bus to the Grand Canyon. That way, you can enjoy every bit of scenery and not have to worry about keeping your eyes on the road. If you are coming from Las Vegas, there are Hoover Dam Bus tours that actually make stops at the Grand Canyon. That’s two trips in one.
You can also take an SUV ride to the Grand Canyon. The bonus with an SUV is that certain roads and trails at the Grand Canyon are left unpaved so that the natural ecosystem in the area remains undisturbed. This makes traveling by van or bus difficult because these roads can often times create an extremely bumpy and rugged ride – almost like an off-road adventure. But driving in a fully-equipped Grand Canyon suited SUV, the dirt paths become nothing – a mere bump in the road. So, when you take an SUV Grand Canyon tour, you are able to experience parts of the Grand Canyon some visitors were unable to experience.
A tour bus and an SUV are great ways to travel because you don’t have to worry about driving or gas prices, but what better way to arrive at the Grand Canyon than by helicopter. Helicopter tours to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon takes about 3-5 hours and that’s including the tour itself. Depending on the type of tour package you desire, the amount of flight time varies. One specific Grand Canyon tour is approximately 20 minutes and it includes a flight over the Hoover dam and a visit to the Grand Canyon. A helicopter ride is also an amazing experience because depending on the type of tour you purchase you can even touchdown at the bottom of the Canyon.
The method of travel can help to define the entire trip. Whether it is by a Hoover dam bus tour, SUV, or helicopter each mode of travel will create an experience that the other might not offer. So, take into consideration how you want to arrive to the Grand Canyon, and in the end, why not try all three! Even though the Grand Canyon is wonderful each time you make a visit, it is definitely something to experience from new perspectives. It is so vast and enormous in size that it may take years to journey and adventure through it in its entirety. But with the various methods for exploring the Grand Canyon, you might get awfully close to experiencing the whole of the Grand Canyon.