Hiking in the Grand Canyon with Kids? 4 Yummy Snacks to Bring with You

Hiking in the Grand Canyon can be a great family outing – as long as the kids are happy. The one thing that’s guaranteed to make them grumpy and unpleasant is hunger; so here are some ideas to keep them full and your hike pleasant.

(1) Dried Fruit or Trail Mix

You can find good options at pretty much any grocery store, or try making your own! It’s easy, relatively inexpensive, and filling.

dried fruit snacks


(2) Fruit Leather

This sweeter treat is very popular with kids, and it’ll help keep their energy up on a hike. Some brands contain a lot of sugar, so make sure you check the ingredients.

chewy fruit snack

Source: georgiapellegrini.com via Lauren on Pinterest


(3) Energy Bars

There are plenty of good brands out there, but it’s also very easy to make your own!
keeping your energy up touring the grand canyon
photo by Brianna Laugher

(4) Snack Bites

Every kid, and every adult for that matter, enjoys a treat like this one. Thankfully, they’re easy to make and to transport on a hike or on flights to the Grand Canyon. Get the kids involved for some extra family time before the hike!

energy bites