What do helicopters, wing suits and frozen waterfalls all have in common?

Answer: Our list of the three craziest extreme sports competitions!
Read on to get the 411.
Looking to compete with the experts? We’ve generated a list of some of the most intense competitions out there. Fun to watch and even more exhilarating to compete in…

1. Freeride World Tour

This is the ultimate adrenaline-boosting competition, for both skiers and snowboarders alike. We are not talking about any old expert trail here. This competition is about transporting competitors to the tip of mountains via helicopter and having them find their way down virtually by any means necessary.
The video below shows just how scary these trails can become. There are not only a few trees in the way, but participants experience intense drops and falling rocks as well.

2. World BASE Race

Ever wished you could fly?  As a child, did you dream of hollow bones and the ability to soar?  Well, perhaps no one told you, but it is possible; it just may not be for everyone and the World BASE Race certainly is not.
Competitors jump from heights of up to 4,000 feet and glide down close to treetops and mountains. The goal is to beat the competition by hitting the finish line first.  As you can see, this dangerous sport encompasses the need for amazing eyesight and reflexes in order to finish uninjured. Getting to the finish line must feel out of this world!
The race annually takes place in Norway and BASE stands for Building, Antenna, Span, Earth.  It encompasses the fact that BASE jumping can happen from anywhere at any time as opposed to traditional skydiving, which an individual can only propel themselves from an aircraft.

3. The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation: The World Cup

Okay, so maybe you’ve completed a few indoor climbing walls. But you have not tried one like the one found in the video below. The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (IMCF) puts a true spin on the art of indoor climbing. From solid rock walls with circular and triangular shapes that are almost impossible to grasp, to ice competitions that take place partially upside down, there’s a little bit of everything.

Perhaps these videos will inspire you to take helicopter flights to great extremes like the top of mountains and cliffs for breathtaking sports.  Try new things in 2013 and who knows, one day this could be you!