Havasu Falls and 4 Other Grand Canyon Waterfalls: A Guide

There’s something majestic about a waterfall. Be it the long, misty descent into rocks, rivers and ponds or the loud, rumbling roar they leave in their wake, waterfalls are often, if not always, mesmerizing. If you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, you can’t miss these stunning waterfalls.

1. Beaver Falls

To reach Beaver Falls, you have to climb down to the base of Mooney Falls, then follow the stream for about three miles. You’ll have to pass the creek several times before reaching the falls, but you don’t have to worry about swimming. Bring your own water with you. If you don’t, make sure you bring proper water purification equipment.
waterfalls in the grand canyon
photo by Al_HikesAZ

2. Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls is situated about one mile from Havasu Falls, cascading into a beautiful turquoise pool. Swimming in the pool is OK, but be prepared for chilly water.
grand canyon waterfalls
photo by Al_HikesAZ

3. Havasu Falls

With its stunning blue pool contrasted by sun-kissed red cliffs, it’s no wonder that Havasu Falls is the most photographed waterfall in the Grand Canyon. It’s an excellent swimming hole with plentiful sunshine to keep you warm.
waterfalls of the grand canyon
photo by Al_HikesAZ

4. Cheyava Falls

Cheyava Falls is the tallest waterfall in Arizona. Hiking to the falls isn’t a walk in the park (pun intended). You’ll experience over 1000 feet of elevation gain; but it’s so worth it. The massive backdrop of the canyon provides a picturesque setting for a jaw-dropping view.
grand canyon's waterfalls
photo by Al_HikesAZ

5. Ribbon Falls

Ribbon Falls isn’t a ground-pounding waterfall; it’s more of a natural shower. The unique part about Ribbon Falls isn’t the rate of the fall; it’s the mossy backdrop that climbs up the backside of the falls.
rainbow at ribbon falls in the grand canyon
photo by Al_HikesAZ
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