Grand Canyon Tour Bus You Have To See To Believe

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Well, how lucky are you that the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is located less than four hours from Las Vegas?  And, what are the odds that GC Flight, the top provider in cheap guided tours to the Grand Canyon, departs each Grand Canyon tour bus from most major hotel properties along the Las Vegas Strip?  We would put it all on the line and wager that all of this isn’t just a coincidence.  GC Flight conveniently leaves from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon National Park because visiting this natural wonder has been continuously named as one of the top things to do while in Las Vegas! So, quit while you’re ahead, cash in those chips, and take a relaxing day trip to one of the most marvelous and natural works of art in the world.
GC Flight offers two different bus tours for you to choose from, and both are top-sellers.  The South Rim Grand Canyon tour bus is the more popular of the two and allows you to overlook the Grand Canyon from the most spectacular view of the four rims.  Along the South Rim guided tour from Las Vegas you will see Hoover Dam/Lake Mead, one of America’s finest dams, as well as the chance to learn about the history and settlement of the surrounding area by mountain men, Spanish Conquistadors, and missionaries.   The South Rim guided tour also gives you the chance to stop at Mather Point, Bright Angel Lodge, Yavapai Point, and the Hopi House Museum while in the Grand Canyon National Park.
People agree GC Flight offers the best bus tour Grand Canyon prospective viewers, as well as enthusiasts, cannot pass up!  All prices are the lowest and affordable by any company, which means you can take your daily winnings from the casino and put it towards the best guided tour of one of the greatest things to do while in Las Vegas.  So, don’t wait any longer! Book a guided bus tour to Grand Canyon today at