The skywalk is platform that extends over the edge of the Grand Canyon and has a transparent bottom. The view from the skywalk is truly breathtaking. In front of you is the panorama of desert and the most magnificent canyon in the world. Below you is an unbelievable 4,000 foot descent into one of the world’s greatest treasures, The Grand Canyon. This spectacular view, and tour around the Grand Canyon, is truly unforgettable, and affordable.
Now imagine an aerial flight, via helicopter, over Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and extinct volcanoes only to land near the rim of the Grand Canyon for your chance to walk out over one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Imagine bringing your family, the look in their eyes, and the experience you would share.
The experience is truly awe-inspiring as you look down into the canyon through The six layers of transparent glass running 10 feet in width and designed for high pressure winds. Your hands gliding on the 5 foot railings surround the skywalk, which is part of the million pound infrastructure.
Flying back to Las Vegas, you will get to see an aerial view of the Las Vegas strip and you will always remember the moment when you looked straight down into the Grand Canyon, a truly unforgettable experience.  Learn how to schedule your Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour, or call 1-800-871-1030