Which Grand Canyon Rim is the Best?

If you’re planning a vacation to visit the Grand Canyon, you may be trying to decide which rim is the best to visit. Each rim has its own benefits, so the ultimate decision on which to visit is up to you.
However, once you have decided, you can begin putting the final touches on your plans, including checking out the available flights to the Grand Canyon. Here is a brief look at each of the rims to hopefully make your decision a little easier.

West Rim

You can plan your trip to Havasu Canyon, which is situated between the west rim and the south rim. This is the area the Havasupai Indians called home, and is also the sight of three amazing waterfalls – Havasu Falls, Navajo Falls, and Mooney Falls. Havasu Canyon is a sight to see, but planning a trip here must be done thoroughly because you can only access it by horseback, by foot, or by helicopter. There is a $35 fee per person in order to enter the Canyon and you can choose to stay at the campgrounds or the small hotel. You will also discover a post office and a general store for your convenience. This location is not recommended to visit with children.

South Rim

The South Rim is host to multiple incredible views and the Grand Canyon National Park, which is the top tourist spot at Grand Canyon. It is open to visitors all year long and has four very distinct seasons, so dress appropriately for when you visit.
There are many options for lodging and dining within the National Park. Various other tourist attractions located in the South Rim, making it a great place for vacationing with the whole family.

East Rim

Located on the East Rim are the Little Colorado River Tribal Park and Horseshoe Bend. These are two popular and well-known tourist attractions. The views from the East Rim are breathtaking and it’s the only place in the whole Canyon where you can have your picture taken with the Colorado River in the background.

North Rim

The North Rim is also a part of the National Park, but the differences between the North and South Rims are like night and day. The North Rim, while offering amazing views and things to do, is not nearly as busy or crowded throughout the year as the South Rim. You will only find one lodge on the North Rim, which includes cabins, motel rooms, campgrounds, a lounge, a restaurant, a deli, and a gift shop.
Regardless of the rim you choose, it’s smart to find a good tour guide for your trip. With a professional tour guide, you will discover even more of the Grand Canyon because of their local knowledge.