Grand Canyon Packing Guide | Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Welcome to your informative Grand Canyon packing guide that will help you to prepare for your journey to and through the magnificent wonder of the world: the Grand Canyon.
The Grand Canyon has a wide range of weather conditions and so packing the right items is essential to a safe and comfortable trip. If you are planning a Grand Canyon trip in the early spring or late fall, you will experience less crowds and the sights of gorgeous natural landscape sceneries. Although some sections of the Grand Canyon close during specific seasons (the North Rim is shut down during the winter seasons) the South rim welcomes visitors all year round. However, if you plan on taking your trip in the summer or when school is out, prepare to run into large crowds and the possibility of intense heat. So, choose what to pack according to the weather conditions.
1.       Rain gear: Don’t let the rain stop you from experiencing the Grand Canyon, the raining seasons of spring and fall are probably the most beautiful times to visit. Just be sure to bring an effective rain coat and some gloves to protect you from the cold. It is also very important to bring the correct foot wear. Wet and slippery rocks might cause serious injury. So, I highly recommended that you bring water proof hiking boots that can protect your feet from wetness as well as have the tread to grip the wet and terrain.
2.       Light comfortable clothes: If you are taking one of those helicopter tours to Grand Canyon, this will also apply to you. Light and comfortable clothes will make your three hour helicopter trip comfortable and enjoyable. During the summer months, the Grand Canyon can get a bit hot, and so you might want to pack some comfortable breathable clothes. Also, if you are taking one of those Hoover dam bus tours that will also make its way to the Grand Canyon, a six hour bus ride in uncomfortable clothing might not be what you want to experience.
3.       Miscellaneous Items: As the Grand Canyon packing guide, I recommend that you bring your camera, camcorder, or even a draw pad or painting canvas to record your moments at the Grand Canyon. If you happen to find a fossil at the Grand Canyon, Park Rangers recommend that you do not touch or remove it. Simply record it using a camera, camcorder, etc and show it to a ranger. He/she will be happy to explain to you exactly what it is. Bringing sun block in the summer months is always a wise choice as well as eye protection.
Please be sure to plan your vacation or trip and keep the weather conditions in mind. When you choose one of our Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours you will be thrilled be the sights, sounds, and overall incredible experience, whatever the weather brings.