Which Grand Canyon Lookout Points Provide the Best Views?

The Grand Canyon is a huge United States attraction and landmark that everyone should visit. It’s such a massive area that it’s hard to know where to begin or where to find the best experience. The Grand Canyon contains many different lookout points to allow you to enjoy its beauty. Here is a list of the top lookout points available at the Grand Canyon, offering the best views of this giant gorge.
Lookout Studio
Head over to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim near Bright Angel Lodge for Lookout Studio. Here you’ll find panoramic and rustic views of the gorgeous Grand Canyon. The building at Lookout Studio was designed by Mary Coulter and offers amazing views, while also serving as a gift shop.
Moran Point
When you reach Moran Point, you’ll get to enjoy views of the beautiful Grand Canyon and a famous stretch of white water known as the Hakatai Rapids. The view from here allows you to see a glimpse of the swirling waters, as well as views of the Red Canyon.
From here, you can also see a geological formation called the Sinking Ship. It’s silhouette appears like a sinking ship at sunset.
Lipan Point
Lipan Point is an excellent choice to lookout over the Grand Canyon. Here you’ll get to see the winding Colorado River, the beautiful sunset and the inner Gorge. The Gorge has really neat geological layers and sedimentary rock formations unlike anywhere else on earth. With so much to see at one stop, you won’t want to miss Lipan Point.
Desert View and Watchtower
Mary Coulter also designed the structures making up The Desert View and Watchtower. Built in 1932, the structures contain natural landscapes, which make them blend into the surrounding canyon. From here, you can see the San Francisco Peaks, views of the River and the Painted Desert.
Grandview Point
One of the highest points in the Grand Canyon is Grandview Point at the South Rim. It rests at 7,400 feet tall and allows you to see awesome views of the Canyon, Horseshoe Mesa and dense forests. It’s tricky to get here, as it requires taking some narrow and treacherous trails, but is worth the effort.
Point Imperial
Point Imperial is the place to be at sunrise. It offers excellent views of the sunrise over the Painted Desert and eastern side of the Grand Canyon. It’s one of the tallest view points on the North Rim and will leave onlookers speechless with its beauty.
Mather Point
To see the Vishnu Temple and Temple of Zoroaster, head over to Mather Point at the South Rim. You can see about one fourth of the entire Canyon from here.
Yavapai Point
The South Rim holds Yavapai Point, where you can see the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch. This point has the best view of the Bright Angel Canyon, as well.
Yakai Point
Yakai Point is on the east side and offers unobstructed views of the east part of the Canyon. Try the South Kaibab Trail that goes to the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch, and see the Vishnu Temple and Wotan’s Throne.
Vermillion Cliffs – Marble Canyon
Marble Canyon, part of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, offers excellent views of the sunset. This is the best place to finish off a long day of exploring this wonder of the world.
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