Grand Canyon By Car, Plane, Train…or Helicopter? | Helicopter Tours Grand Canyon

“Driving to the Grand Canyon is so Cliché. I’ll take the helicopter.”

Grand Canyon helicopter tours
are affordable and unbelievably fun.  If you want to experience the Grand Canyon like never before, you should go by helicopter. The sights are dramatic, the landscape is inspiring as you descend into the incredible and profound depths of the natural wonder that is the Grand Canyon. On you way to the marvelous canyon, you will get to see panorama views of Lake Mead and the Hoover dam, one of the world’s largest construction projects. The new angle that you enjoy gives a completely new and fresh perspective on both the man-made and natural beauty of this area.

It is a truly awe-inspiring view that you will see from the helicopter as you sink deeper and deeper into one of the world’s natural wonders. Passing beneath the rim, you will watch as years of geological time melt with every layer of rock. The majesty, intensity, and explosion of colors that can be experienced make these Grand Canyon helicopter tours a truly memorable and inspiring journey into the depths of the Earth.
After ascending back from the bottom you travel to even more natural wonders including the Iceburg Canyon, Valley of Fire, and Bowl of Fire. Last but not least, enjoy the indescribably beautiful return flight down the “Las Vegas Strip”. The feeling of flying over Las Vegas, like you owned the city, opens the mind and inspires action unlike any other tour. Seeing the world’s entertainment capitol from the sky, with all of its brilliant lights, opportunities, and glamour is truly a treat that should be experienced by everyone.
Now is your chance to feel the exhilarating rush and majestic beauty of GC Flight’s Grand Canyon helicopter tours. These tours include a number of options, many of which are truly fun. One example is that you can get dropped off from the helicopter tour only to begin a raft tour in the Black Canyon!
Another example is a package in which you fly past the strip, land on the Music Mountains. During the helicopter tour to the Music Mountains you will pass the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and descend into the Grand Canyon. Spending the night in a private cabin, you will have the option to go horseback riding and enjoy sunset cocktails and a romantic candlelight dinner in your ranch home. Next is the beautiful campfire under the stars and then sleeping to the crackling of logs in the fireplace. The pure spring water, the following day, makes for a soothing bath. Enjoy a ranch breakfast and hop on your waiting helicopter for you flight back over the strip. Not bad, right?
Helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon are actually for more affordable than you would think. To experience the sheer thrill and unbelievable beauty that is the Grand Canyon, just remember the name “GC Flight”.