Grand Canyon Bus Tour Las Vegas

GC Flight is a professional and reliable company all about the idea of convenience.  When you book a seat on a GC Flight Grand Canyon tour bus, you will receive the professionalism and reliability you should expect of a company all at your convenience.  Every tour bus leaving from Las Vegas, Nev. on its way to see the beautiful Grand Canyon departs from all major hotels and casinos along the Las Vegas Strip.  Convenient, right?  Throw down one last bet on the poker table before you make your way towards Arizona to see the natural work of art the Colorado River has created, the Grand Canyon.
Also, at your convenience, while you make your journey towards the Grand Canyon National Park, you will also receive narrated history behind the exploration and settlement of areas along the way, including the Mojave Desert and lands explored by Spanish Conquistadors, mountain men, and missionaries.  For example, the Ancient Pueblo People were a Native American culture and the first inhibit the Grand Canyon area.  But, it was Captain Garcia Lopez, a Spanish explorer, who was the first European to view the Grand Canyon on his search for the Fabled Seven Cities of Cibola.  There is so much history behind the route taken on your Grand Canyon tour bus, which is much more than can be found from other companies and more than many people expect from their guided tour.  But, GC Flight wants to make sure you receive all the opportunities possible, making GC Flight the best Grand Canyon bus tour Las Vegas has seen!
In addition, you will pass Hoover Dam, one of the largest and tallest dams in the United States and an incredible source of irrigation water and hydroelectric power for California, Nevada, and Arizona.  Lake Mead will also be seen, and it is a lake formed by Hoover Dam and also serves as a water source for the surrounding areas. The Hoover Dam Bypass, also named the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, was just recently finished being constructed in October 2010, and is the first concrete-steel composite bridge in the United States and contains the longest concrete arch in all of the Western Hemisphere.
And, you will see and learn so much more upon arriving at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon when you take the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Motor-Coach Tour, including the Buckley O’Neill Cabin, Kolb Studio, the El Tovar Hotel, the Hopi House, Lookout Studio, and many more historical buildings.  Take the Bright Angel Trail and experience a beautiful hike through the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, overlooking the entire canyon and the majestic Colorado River.  The view is absolutely breathtaking and is indescribable unless you experience it yourself.
You have the opportunity to view and experience all of this and more when you travel with GC Flight.  Take the chance to learn interesting history from the convenience of your bus tour seat en route towards the beautiful Grand Canyon.  All of this is waiting for you just outside your Las Vegas hotel and a short distance away.