Getting Married At The Grand Canyon

Anyone who’s ever been married can tell you that planning a wedding can be stressful. Why not ditch the stress and the fuss and do something really special for your wedding day? Did you know that you can get married at the Grand Canyon, right in the middle of the most exciting and breathtaking natural landscape in the world? Who wants a cookie-cutter wedding when you can start your life together with something truly thrilling and unique and take one of the best Grand Canyon tours around into the bargain?
GC Flight offers wedding packages that don’t just feature a cheesy Elvis impersonator. Imagine surprising your bride with a stretch limo that will whisk you both away to the private helicopter waiting to take you on an exciting flight over the Valley of Fire, the Las Vegas Strip, or the Grand Canyon, and then on to meet with the minister and photographer to say those special words that will bind you together for the rest of your lives.
With the Grand Canyon and Valley of Fire packages, you, your other half, and two guests will fly with the minister and photographer over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead before continuing on. You can exchange your vows in some of the most beautiful natural scenery the Southwest has to offer, while the professional photographer gets photos and video of the event for you to cherish always. After the ceremony, cake and refreshments are provided.
Once the formalities are observed, it’s time to celebrate. Why not treat your bride to a private and luxurious getaway at the Grand Canyon Ranch overnight? A lot of people spend their wedding day running from here to there to there until they’re too tired to appreciate the alone time with their new spouse. A relaxing, peaceful night for just the two of you to enjoy each other’s company and bask in the new life you’re creating sounds good, doesn’t it?
With one of GC Flight’s tours to Grand Canyon, there are a lot of options available to you. All their packages are customizable to suit you, your bride, and your personality and tastes. To get the most out of your Grand Canyon wedding experience, don’t settle for a cut-rate tour company. GC Flight offers all the things you’d expect from your wedding day, put together in a way as unique and special as the woman who won your heart. For more information, call, click, or come by GC Flight, and make her wedding day as extraordinary as she is.