3 Extreme Sports You Must Try This Winter

Some people get a kick out of riding in a chopper on Grand Canyon helicopter tours while others need to push their limits much more to get an adrenaline rush…  If you really want to push the envelope, try out some very extreme sports, we have a few suggestions.  Fair warning though, don’t try these sports without professional supervision as they can be super dangerous.

1. Ice Climbing

If you can watch the above video without feeling your skin crawl, then you are probably brave enough to try this sport out.  The basic equipment includes a pick in each hand, a set of spiked shoes and a whole lot of courage.

2. Heli-Skiing

Heli-Skiing is skiing on steroids.  These are professional skiers who take on the slopes that can’t even be accessed by ski lifts.  This is where the “heli” part of the sport comes in: you need to ride in a helicopter in order to access the summit and once you’re there your skis are your only way of transportation down…. and trust us, it’s a very, very long way down.

3. Ice Driving

Drifting is every race enthusiast’s idea of a good time but drifting on ice and snow brings this sport to a whole new level.  Precision and control of the vehicle is key here.
Have fun this winter and try something new.  Embrace the highest slopes, speed skate and take advantage of ice for all it is worth!