Extreme-ly Young: 3 Videos of Daredevil Kids

While some kids spend their time finger painting and playing with toys, other prefer to test the limits of gravity and go as fast as possible. With the popularity of the X Games, as well as the many action sports video games available, kids are beginning to pick up extreme sports at a younger age than ever before. Here are three kids who have found success in extreme sports at a ridiculously young age, going higher and faster than people twice their age.

Jay Cramer – Age 7

Jay Cramer began his motocross career at the age of two and a half, and has not looked back since. An adrenaline junkie from birth, Cramer is still 8 years away from obtaining his drivers license.

Evan Doherty – Age 9

Evan Doherty makes skateboarding look easy. With multiple first place finishes at skate competitions, as well as the title of the youngest skater to land a Full Pull on the Mega Ramp, Doherty has received numerous sponsorships, and even the attention of skating legend Tony Hawk.

Bailey Duran – Age 6

With multiple first place finishes in snowboarding events, Bailey Duran is a beast on the slopes. This fearless girl continues to master advanced tricks, and is sponsored by multiple companies.
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