Daredevil Destinations: Crazy Climbs at the Amazon

One of the most beautiful rainforests in the world is The Amazon.  It is a magical dream to even step foot within this outrageous creation of nature let alone to conquer it.  Some of the tallest trees in the world exist here and they are flooded with wildlife you would never see anywhere else.  It is a pure example of why organizations like The Rainforest Foundation exist to protect these precious places. Located in South America, the Amazon stretches a breathtaking 1.4 billion acres, so just invision how many obstacles there are to climb and portions there are to explore!

In need of a new workout?  Perhaps you need a new thrill….or maybe you are someone who loves to have crazy, fearless stories to share.  Either way, climbing will satisfy your craving.  Many trees span over 100 feet and beyond from the rainforest floor.  You can choose to climb it on your own or join one of the numerous tour groups that will ensure your safety.  Many climbers choose to enjoy the view as they fearlessly lay across thin branches perched on top of trees or they even opt to setup hammocks!

Of course if you wish to domestically explore the United States and are not so much the tree climber, Grand Canyon air tours are available to show you the wide range of natural elements on this planet.