Bus Tours To Grand Canyon

Most people’s vacations to Las Vegas generally include an itinerary of eating gourmet food, lying by the poolside, shopping along The Strip, gambling in the casinos, and partying in all the hottest nightclubs in the heart of Sin City.  And, you really can’t blame them because this is the lifestyle Las Vegas is known for.  This kind of scene is mainly attractive to younger crowds looking to create wild memories with their friends, but sometimes this doesn’t appeal to all demographics.  If you are looking to do more in Las Vegas than just clubbing, sun-tanning, and gambling, perhaps you need to look more into what GC Flight has to offer.  

GC Flight offers the best guided tours of Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon at incredibly affordable prices and are all based on what your budget entails.  From helicopter and airplane tours to motor-coach and rafting, GC Flight has all the channels possible to explore the Grand Canyon whichever way you desire!

GC Flight conveniently offers bus tours to Grand Canyon National Park that leave from Las Vegas! These guided bus tours leave from most all major Las Vegas hotels and are a direct route towards the Grand Canyon with narrated views of Lake Mead, the Colorado River, and Hoover Dam, three other incredible sites that must be seen.  Your short journey from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in a luxurious Grand Canyon tour bus features reclining seats, DVD players, air conditioning, and restrooms.  While you sit comfortably in your own seat and learn about the history and exploration of the surrounding area through the Mojave Desert, this 120-mile drive will go by in no time, and you will be overlooking the Grand Canyon before you know it.  

Once you arrive at the Grand Canyon you have plenty of time to explore the national park and see all the historical sites and landmarks from the Hopi House Museum and the Grand Canyon Railway, if you choose to take the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Motor-Coach Tour.  Or, if you opt to take the bus tours to Grand Canyon West Rim, you can stand on the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk and look down to over 4,000 feet at a drop of up to 800 feet.  And, this breathtaking, once in a lifetime experience is all possible when you book a tour with GC Flight. Make your trip to Las Vegas much more memorable and exciting with a trip to the Grand Canyon!