Helicopter Skiing: The 5 Best Places to Go Heli-skiing

Jumping on helicopter flights to get to the summit of a mountain for some extreme down-slope skiing is all the rage in winter sports. This new trend of “heli-skiing”, as it’s unofficially known, is best done in certain parts of the world.  Check out this list for the 5 best places to go heli-skiing.

1. The Monashees, Brittish Columbia

The Monashees are not for the first time heli-skiiers.  These mountains will offer you what is arguably one of the most challenging and steepest vertical declines in British Columbia.  You also have to have your wits about you because about two thirds of the runs go through dense, mature forest.

2.  The Cariboos, British Columbia

The Cariboos take the number two spot because they offer an option for almost all skill levels of heli-skiiers.  Gentler slopes are available for the newbies while the experienced can ski down steep terrain and challenging glacial bowls.

3. Chugach Mountains, AK

Since Chugach is further north than the previous mountains, snow is guaranteed.  This means that heli-skiing is possible at lower altitudes.  Chugach does not offer the amenities and accommodations that British Columbia does, but the skiing is unmatched.

4. The Andes, Chile

Chile might not have even been your radar when you were planning your next heli-skiing adventure, but it has a lot to offer.  Heli-skiiers have access to 1,900 square miles of heli-skiing terrain that is set at about 22,000 feet high.  The Andes may not offer much tree skiing as B.C. but the different terrain options make up for it.

5. The Alps, Europe

The Alps have long been known as the wealthy’s playground and now it can be yours, too.  Heli-skiing in France is banned, but as always, there is a creative way to bend the rules.  Stay at Chalet Yellowstone in Ste Foy and take a flight to the Italian peaks. From there, ski back down into France across the Italian border.  That’s just plain awesome.
If you love skiing, hopefully you can give one (or more) of these destinations a try, and cross them off your bucket list.

 Do you have a favorite skiing destination? Share it with us!