Are There Tours From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon?

Many people don’t realize that the Grand Canyon is relatively close to Las Vegas. When they find out that one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World is more or less in their backyard, the first question many of them ask is, “Are there tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?” As a matter of fact, there are!
There are many tour services that operate out of Las Vegas, and so it’s important for the discriminating tourist to choose wisely. Many tour operators are limited to one method of travel and have antiquated, often second- or third-hand equipment. The cost of keeping up these artifacts is often passed directly on to the consumer, resulting in a more expensive overall excursion. Don’t fall into this trap when you’re booking tours to Grand Canyon. Like with so many other things, you get what you pay for.
GC Flight offers a wide variety of package tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon. We can get you there by land or air, and once you’re there, you can even go down into the Grand Canyon and take a boat trip on the mighty Colorado River. This is the river that shaped the Grand Canyon over millions of years. So how would you like to get there?
Would you prefer to relax aboard a luxurious motor coach and take a leisurely drive to the Grand Canyon while receiving a fascinating and entertaining history of the area and the people and natural forces that shaped it? Perhaps you’d like to see the Grand Canyon from a perspective few people ever can while traveling over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter or airplane at low altitude. Or, for the really adventurous spirit, how about shooting the legendary rapids of the Colorado on a pontoon boat? Whatever your personal taste, GC Flight can craft a package to suit your fancies and your finances.

With some of the most experienced and knowledgeable staff and best-maintained, newest equipment in the Grand Canyon tour business, GC Flight is a sure bet to get you away from the tables and out into the wild natural splendor of the American Southwest. Our tours are fun and informative for people of all ages, and are designed to give you the best experience for your money. Experience counts in the tour business just as much as any other, so book your next tour with the best. Let GC Flight put together a tour package that you’ll never forget!