Are there Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours year round?

Even in the desert, there are a lot of activities that are considered to be seasonal. Certain Las Vegas area attractions are only open during certain times of the year, and completely inaccessible at others, such as the Lodge at Mount Charleston. However, no matter what season you come to Las Vegas, if you want to get out of town and explore the Grand Canyon you’re in luck!
Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours operate year-round, and GC Flight is Las Vegas’ best known and most respected name in Grand Canyon tours. Featuring up-to-date, well-maintained vehicles from boats to helicopters, GC Flight doesn’t just offer a tour, but a complete Grand Canyon experience! From the sky above to the bottom of the canyon, a mile below the surrounding desert, GC Flight can take you there in style.
GC Flight has been operating Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas since 1998, and offers activities including horseback riding, kayaking, ATVs, white-water-rafting, and aerial tours. They make everything about your Grand Canyon outing simple and straightforward, from booking your reservation to creating unique and thrilling wedding packages. With thirteen years’ experience, they have trained, friendly, and informative tour personnel and certified operators to make certain that you can relax and enjoy your tour while learning everything you want to know about the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area.
Take for example the bus tour. It starts with picking your party up at any of the major Strip resorts, and heading over Hoover Dam on the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge while you learn about the construction of Hoover Dam and the impressive engineering feats involved in building both the Dam and the bridge. Then, as you cruise toward the Arizona line, your tour guide will give you an informative and entertaining history of the area’s geology and people, from the Native Americans who called this corner of the Southwest home to the Spanish and white expeditions, settlers, and the wild and woolly Gold Rush days.
And that’s just the start of your Grand Canyon adventure, which GC Flight can customize to tailor the perfect outing for any occasion, no matter what time of year it is. So for year-round, exciting Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas at the best prices around, book your tour with GC Flight. Whether you want a fun day with the family or a rugged excursion with your friends, you’ll be flying high with GC Flight!