Are there Helicopter tours to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?

There’s nothing quite like the experience of soaring over the Grand Canyon to give you an appreciation for the scope and grandeur of this magnificent natural wonder. Sadly, the only time most people get this experience is when they’re flying over at thirty thousand feet and four hundred miles per hour. This method of seeing the Grand Canyon is okay, but people who see it from such a height completely miss the sheer size and scale of the Grand Canyon. Las Vegas is close to the Grand Canyon, relatively speaking. But is there a better way to see the Canyon up close?
As a matter of fact, there is. GC Flight offers helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon at very reasonable prices. You can fly and hover over the Canyon and get a birds’ eye view of the Canyon while you learn the history of the area and see landmarks and places that only a local would know, all from the comfort of an up-to-date helicopter.
Flying in a helicopter is a unique thrill, and GC Flight prides themselves on having the best-trained personnel and the best-maintained equipment in Las Vegas. Safety is always a priority, and GC Flight works hard to ensure that their staff are not just professional and knowledgeable, but certified and safety-conscious.
But if Grand Canyon helicopter tours don’t appeal to you, don’t worry! There are plenty of other ways to experience the Grand Canyon, from the air to the canyon rim to the Colorado River a mile below. GC Flight has the best selection of ways to get to and around the Grand Canyon, including luxurious motor coaches and late-model Hummers, ATVs, horseback, pontoon boat, jet ski, and much more. Your Grand Canyon adventure doesn’t have to stop at the canyon rim when you book your tour with GC Flight.
When you want to know about helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon, or any other kind of tour for that matter, contact GC Flight. They can create a fully-customizable tour package for any budget or size tour group, with activities and ways to see the canyon that are breathtaking, fun, and most of all safe. Don’t settle for a boring tour from a so-so company with old equipment and outdated information. When you take a tour with GC Flight, you know that you’ll get not just a tour, but a full Grand Canyon experience that will make any other vacation you’ve ever taken pale in comparison.