8 Iconic Tourist Destinations Recreated With Legos

Here’s one more job to add to your dream list: Legoland model builder. At each of the brand’s six parks – two in the US, four overseas – a team of people is responsible for building every tiny detail of the park’s intricate attractions, which include everything from interactive educational models to motion displays. Perhaps most impressive are the cityscapes and landmarks, featuring hand-built details like people, cars, boats, and animals.

1. Frankfurt, Germany
To construct these masterpieces, the designers start with photos. For large project creations (like the Las Vegas Strip and Florida), they send a team of photographers to the site to capture it in exquisite detail. Everything from trash cans to landscaping and architecture is carefully documented.
2. Berlin, Germany
Back at the workshop, the photos are put into a computer program to help the builders visualize the structure layer by layer; but they love relying on their imaginations and use trial and error to do most of their work.
3. Football Stadium in Munich, Germany
Every model is constructed with the same Lego bricks sold in stores; so theoretically, any park model could be built at home. The professionals just have the advantage of tens of thousands of bricks on-hand.
4. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany
The models need to be sturdy; so once the design is set, the model is actually taken apart and built again, this time gluing each piece carefully with special glue developed by Lego which actually melts the plastic together.
5. Venice, Italy
Since most of the models live outdoors and many get climbed on by children, builders are careful to glue every stud of every brick to ensure the model will last.
6. Mount Rushmore, USA

The lifespan of models varies based on the parks climate, sun exposure, and how interactive the model is. Parks in cold climates close during the winter months and take care of maintenance and refurbishment.

7. The African Jungle
In warmer climates where the park is open year round, an outdoor model might fade or crack from exposure. Refurbishment is an ongoing project to keep these impressive “sculptures” looking good.
8. London, England
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