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7 Treacherous US Mountains to Climb and Conquer

woman standing on the edge of a montain
Standing on the edge

For thrill seekers, the rush of reaching the peak of a mountain top can be one of the most exhilarating feelings possible. After climbing for hours, nothing beats reaching the top of a snow covered summit. Here are seven of the tallest mountains in the United States that are sure to challenge even the most talented and experienced mountaineer.

1. Mount McKinley – Alaska

Also known as Denali, Mount McKinley is the tallest mountain in the US. Measuring in at over 20,000 feet, this monster of a mountain takes two to four weeks to climb to the peak. Accomplished mountaineer Robert Tatum once stated “The view from the top of Mount McKinley is like looking out the windows of Heaven!”

man climbing to the top of mount mckinley
The cold climb to the peak of Mount McKinley

Photo by Graham Ward

scenic view of mount mckinley with forrest
Beautiful view of Mount McKinley

Photo by brllnt_harmony

 2. Mount Whitney – California

A member of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Mount Whitney is the tallest summit in the contiguous United States at 14,500 feet. With icy trails leading to the peak, Mount Whitney is both thrilling and dangerous to climb.

mount whitney on a sunny day with trees
Hundreds of trees on the side of Mount Whitney

Photo by lohit v

mount whitney in the distance with yellow flowers in the foreground
Flowers cover the ground of Mount Whitney

Photo by Alan Vernon

 3. Mount Massive – Colorado

This appropriately named mountain has an elevation of over 14,450 feet and is one of the tallest peaks in the Rocky Mountains. Featuring diverse wildlife such as elk, marmots and mountain goats, Mount Massive is a must climb for those who want a challenging hike and a chance to spot interesting animals.

mount massive in the background with a lake in the foreground
Diverse landscape of Mount Massive

Photo by Patrick McKay

4. Mount Rainier – Washington

Just an hour drive from Seattle, Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in Washington at over 14,400 feet at the summit. Mount Rainier is also one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world and is a member of the Decade Volcano list. But don’t worry, Mount Rainier has recently shown no evidence of an imminent eruption.

mount rainer on a clear day with trees
Snowy Mount Rainier in Washington

Photo by Granger Meador

 5. Mauna Kea – Hawaii

Sitting idle on the big island in Hawaii is the volcano Mauna Kea. This volcano peaks at 13,800 feet and is one of the best spots in the world for astronomical observation. With an age of two million years, Mauna Kea is currently dormant, but is expected to erupt again.

mauna kea in a clear day above the clouds
Mauna Kea sitting above the clouds

Photo by kanu101

mauna kea landscape with wildlife in the foreground
Wildlife at the top of Mauna Kea

Photo by Mike Propst

 6. Kings Peak – Utah

Holding the record as the highest peak in Utah, Kings Peak has a summit that sits at over 13,500 feet. Just 80 miles from Salt Lake City, this mountain features three different trails to the top, with a scramble up the east side for advanced mountaineers and adrenaline freaks to conquer.

people climbing kings peak on a clear day
Mountaineers climbing Kings Peak

Photo by Casey Goodlett

summit of kings peak on a cloudy day
The summit of Kings Peak

Photo by Jake G

 7. Wheeler Peak – Nevada

Featuring both glaciers and caves, Wheeler Peak is one of the most diverse mountains in the US. With a summit of just over 13,000 feet, reaching the top of Wheeler Peak is no walk in the park.

wheeler peak in the background with trees in the foreground
Tall trees lead into Wheeler Peak

Photo by Bill Herndon

bristlecones growing from rock at wheeler peak
Bristle cones grow from the rock at Wheeler Peak

Photo by Richard Droker

Mountain climbing is both adventurous and rewarding, and can also be dangerous. With breathtaking views, amazing wildlife and exciting trails, climbing any one of these mountains will surely get the adrenaline flowing.
Main Image Source: Photo by Blue~Canoe
Looking for beautiful views like from the mountains featured above? Try taking a helicopter flight to grand canyon.

What is the tallest mountain you’ve climbed? Would you even consider climbing to the top of an active volcano?

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