5 of the World’s Deadliest Roads

Those of us who live in the U.S. might take the roads we drive on for granted. The majority of them are well paved and maintained so driving on them hardly requires a second thought. But that’s not the case in other countries around the world. You will need all of your wits about you if you plan on driving on these heart stopping and treacherous roads.

The North Yungas Road in Bolivia

The fear of the North Yungas Road in Bolivia is obvious: one miscalculation and you could tumble over.

The Karakoram Highway, Pakistan to China

The Karakoram Highway from Pakistan to China could hardly be called a highway in some parts. Can you even see anything that resembles a road in the photo above?

The Kolyma Highway in Russia

Kolyma Highway in Russia is as slippery as it gets with its constant exposure to rains.

The Wilderness Road in Bolivia

The Wilderness Road to the Selva Blue Lodge in Bolivia doesn’t have gas access and it is very desolate. You wouldn’t want to be stuck out here alone.

The Ophir Pass Road in Ophir Colorado

The Ophir Pass Road in Ophir Colorado is meant for four wheel drive vehicles only with its rocky terrain.

If driving down these roads is too much for you to handle, why not just look at them from above in one of the many helicopter tours available.