3 MORE Extreme Sports You Must Try This Winter

Previously we featured three of the coolest winter sports around but, believe it or not, we’ve found three more really awesome winter sports you have to try out.  If getting an adrenaline rush is your thing, hop in a plane or take a ride in exciting helicopter flights to one of the following destinations where you can start enjoying the great outdoors this winter season.

1. Snowkiting

Snowkiting is exactly what it sounds like: using kite power to glide across snow or ice.  It’s personal preference on whether you use either a snowboard or skiis to “surf” the snow.  The rider hooks up by the waist to a large inflatable kite and uses wind power to speed down and up various terrains.

2. Snow Kite Buggying

Snow kite buggying is very similar to kite buggying except, of course, it’s been taken one step further and adapted for the snow.  Instead of standing like snow kiting, the riders are seated on a specialized buggy which is then pulled by the kite.  There are emergency mechanisms which will cut the pull of the kite should you get into any trouble taking your buggy off any “sweet jumps.”

3. Airboarding

Airboarding is like taking your childhood sledding skills and putting them on steroids.  The process is simple: ride a plastic airbed down steep slopes while managing to maneuver between the natural obstacles the mountain will throw at you.  Don’t underestimate this sport though: riders have been known to speed down hitting speeds of up to 80 mph!