3 Creative Photo Poses to Take at the Grand Canyon

When visiting any location, especially the Grand Canyon, taking pictures is a must. Photos help remember events and documents a moment in time. Some of the best pictures come from using the surrounding landscape to your advantage with unique poses. Here are some ideas to make your Grand Canyon photos extra fun:

1. Jumping

Grand Canyon Jump Photo by Rob Lee This classic pose makes it look like this woman is flying. Thankfully, she landed back on the ground.

2. Shadow

sky and shadow Photo by striatic Take a picture of yourself without having to show your face. This shadow photo gives off a mysterious and intriguing vibe.

3. Yoga

Nothing like getting your sweat on at one of the most beautiful places on earth. And after you’re done taking photos, go on the best Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Also, please leave us a comment: what poses do you like to use when taking pictures at the GC?