The Five Scariest Places to Cliff Jump

Cliff jumping has long been a way for people to prove something either to themselves or to others.  So whether it be to outshine your big shot friend or to just complete a dare, jumping off a cliff into a body of water is a shot of adrenaline many want to take.  If you’re feeling bored with the local jumps, see if you would be brave enough to take on one of the top five scariest places to cliff jump around the world.

#5. South Point Cliffs, The Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the original cliff jumping destinations.  It is a classic favorite for many people because of its breathtaking views and warm waters.  If the height is not enough to make you think twice before jumping, think about this: it might be a good idea to take a careful look around the water below you to scan for sharks that may be in the vicinity.

#4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

This jump off of the rocky ledge is so extreme that it has already hosted the World Series Cliff Diving Competition twice. If your stomach feels up for it, take the plunge… but you’ll need to get a running start if you want to clear the rocky sides.

#3. Tar Creek Falls, California

Jumping off the base rock at Tar Creek Falls is a shocking experience in every aspect.  Viewers will get a great show watching you fall from 70 feet above and when you land your body will be shocked with the combination of adrenaline, icy cold water as well as  the loud noise of the waterfall adjacent to you.  

#2. Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica attracts tourist year round for its’ beautiful beaches and friendly people.  But another attraction that is quickly rising to the top of thrill seekers’ to-do list is participating in local restaurant’s dine-and-dive special.  There are discounts offered to tourists if you combine a pleasant dinner with an exhilarating jump from about 33ft into the crystal clear waters below.  Which of the two you do first is up to you?

#1. Quebrada Cliff, Acapulco, Mexico

Quebrada Cliff in Mexico is the number one scariest place to cliff  jump because it is all about the timing.  If you feel brave enough to attempt the jump off of a cliff whose name loosely translates to “broken”, the fear of height would not be your only obstacle.  The divers must time their jumps absolutely perfectly to the waves highest points in order to safely land in the water.   The good news? You can talk up your faux bravery all you want to your friends because this cliff is off limits to anyone but the local professional divers.
If the above destinations have brought down your courage to cliff jump yourself, why not  a Hoover Dam tours?  These tours will take you on the river and give you a good shot of living vicariously through some of the local cliff jumpers you may witness in the area.

Tell us what you think! Where is the best cliff diving location near you?