The Beauty of the Desert

Different landscapes and environments boast different beautiful aspects. When people think beautiful environment, many times they think lush green trees, running creeks, shrubs and other greenery. But this is only apparent in few environments. Each environment holds their own special beauties and wonders. Many times the desert is an environment that is over looked and its true beauty is not realized. Next time you are in the desert keep your eyes open, here are some truly beautiful and awe invoking sights you can see in the desert.

“The desert often invokes images of a vast expanse, a timeless space of beauty, wonder and longing. Many come to the desert to commune with a higher power or the forces of nature.”

Some of the most beautiful flowers in the world are found in the desert. These flowers are said to be the strongest because they can survive in an environment that is sparse on water. These flowers have adapted over time to grow and flourish in their bright color. You can find bright hues of purple, orange and yellow growing freely over the desert.

The desert also boasts one of the most recognized species of plant in the world. The cactus. The cactus has become a beautiful staple of the desert environment. Many people use them in their landscaping and even grow them inside their home for added decoration and beauty. These highly recognized plants can also bloom some of the most beautiful flowers found in the desert. Just be careful when touching them, many of the plants have adapted and grown thorns over their body to protect them from getting eaten.

The desert also has some of the most beautiful canyons you will ever see. One of these canyons, obviously being the Grand Canyon, located in Arizona. This site is unlike any other you will see. It has been named one of the most beautiful wonders of the world. Whether you are choosing to enjoy the canyon by foot and peer down into the deep natural made cliffs or take one of the Grand Canyon plane tours and see their aerial view, you are sure to be awed by its beauty.

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