The 22 Most Life-Like Sand Art Sculptures in the World

You probably won’t find a sand sculpture in the Smithsonian. Picasso or Michelangelo likely weren’t to be found creating their masterpieces on a beach. Yet, some of the most fascinating pieces of art occur right under the sun, but only last as long as the tide stays low. Sand sculpting is no longer just an activity for kids. The art of sand creations graduated to a level far beyond castles on the beach with a shovel and pail. Competitions are held at beaches all over the world, and competitors create huge, exquisite statues. The largest sand castle created in one of these contests was 18 feet tall. Creator Ronald Malcnujio, who beat a world record with his creation, used one ton of sand and 10 liters of water to make his castle.
Many other sand sculptors join Malcnujio in creating works of art. These detailed accomplishments stand out because of their life-like qualities. They will cause you to take a second look just to make sure they truly are made of sand. These sand art sculptures prove that all you need is the help of mother nature to construct a museum-worthy finalized product. The close attention to detail that these sand artists exhibit can make you feel like the sand around you is alive. And if the pictures don’t do these treasures justice, you might just have to book a trip to one of the many sand sculpting competitions and festivals around the globe. Such as the International Sand Sculpture Festival in Rorschach, Switzerland, the International Sandsculpting Championship in Virginia Beach, Virginia, or the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge in San Diego, CA. The sand on the beach will come to life right before your eyes. No matter where you spot these miraculous pieces of art, remember, they too started with just a shovel and pail.