Nature Deficit Disorder – Need a Vacation?

Kids today are overloaded with technology, the internet, electronics and video games. Most parents did not grow up with so much electronic distractions and spent most of their time outdoors playing with toys.
Parents are constantly telling their kids how much better childhood was when they were kid. Nowadays kids spend so much time using technology they are missing the present moment and social interaction.
Now that kids find electronics and video games more enjoyable than exploring nature during their daily lives, how do parents convince kids to set down the video games and enjoy a vacation without technology? Would allowing kids to use video games on vacation make for a smoother trip?
How are Kids Affected by the Departure from the Outdoors?
There is something called “Nature Deficit Disorder” that is starting to become a problem with kids spending too much time indoors using electronics, rather than getting out into nature and enjoying the outdoors. Nature Deficit Disorder means someone lacking a connection with nature. This can cause an individual to suffer in developmental and academic growth due to low nature contact.
Too much time with electronics without enough nature can lead to obesity, anxiety, depression and attention problems in children. Nature has a tendency to help calm a person, help with focus and engages the senses. Kids are hurting their physical, mental and spiritual health when they become detached from nature and the deficit needs to be stopped to save the health of children.
Not only will going on annual outdoor excursions with your family be beneficial, but it should also be incorporated into your daily lives. Set limitations on electronic use and require your kids to be outside at least once a day for some amount of time. Don’t allow electronics outdoor. A great way to do this is to take kids to the park and leave the electronics at home.
How can I get my kids to enjoy the Grand Canyon?
Families love the Grand Canyon Whitewater. This is a thrilling whitewater rafting experience at one of the most beautiful parks in the United States. Not only will kids love it but they’ll also be too busy to think about their video games. You can also hike by the river to find waterfalls and see a bit of history where there is evidence of ancient inhabitants around the Canyon. Considering a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas? We can help you with that.Video games don’t belong on vacation. It’s in your child’s best interest to make a vacation about nature, for their health and academic development.